How to add images to on GitHub?

How to add images to on GitHub?

This is such a simple✔ thing, but I struggled a bit when I was a newbie to GitHub and Markdown. I wanted to add screenshots of the project but was stuck😥 for a long time uploading images on markdown.

There are multiple ways of adding images to the Gituhub Readme file, I am going to explain to you the easiest I feel. Let's get started 😄

1. Open your README file in your Github Repository

Open Readme file.png

2. This is the image to be uploaded to README

Image to be uploaded.png

3. Drag and drop the image file on README editor

Drag and drop.png

4. Image will be uploaded to the Github server

Uploading to Github server_LI.jpg


6. Click on the preview


🥂 Voila!

If you are wondering 💭 "What is WhatsBin ?", go check this blog post ✔

🤝 Thank you

See you in the next blog 👋